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UltraZap UV Sterilizers

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In order to maintain a clear pond or aquarium, you need to match your UV to the volume of water with the correct size pump to gain maximum efficiency at preventing algae growth and green water.

  • The pond range is used to inhibit the reproduction of algae in a pond and help keep the water clear.
  • The professional range comes with a quartz sleave and is used to sterilize water by killing harmful bacteria and viruses. Marine tanks use the professional range of UV's to keep away and kill white spot and other water-borne diseases harmful to fish.

POND UV Sterilizers

8 Watt U.V - pond cap. 6000L - Max flow 2400lph

15 Watt U.V - pond cap. 12000L - Max flow 3600lph

30 Watt U.V - pond cap. 30000L - Max flow 8400lph

55 Watt U.V - pond cap. 50000L - Max flow 18000lph

Profesional UV Sterilizers

( the below-mentioned volumes are for medium stocked marine aquariums)

8 Watt U.V -  Volume 100L - Max flow 600lph

15 Watt U.V - Volume 200L - Max flow 1200lph

30 Watt U.V - Volume 500L - Max flow 1800lph

55 Watt U.V - Volume 1000L - Max flow 2400lph



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