Red sea reefwave 25 picture
Red sea reefwave 25 picture
Red sea reefwave 25 picture
Red sea reefwave 25 picture
Red sea reefwave 25 picture

Red Sea ReefWave 25

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Silent - Smart - Powerful

Based on Gyre patented, cross-flow technology, ReefWave® smart pumps are nearly silent, smart, powerful and easy to maintain.

They provide an optimal REEF-SPEC® water flow for corals in a wide range of reefscapes, regardless of their position in your aquarium.

The combination of an advanced, smooth running and energy efficient sine-wave motor drive, with superior vibration damping mounts and dual bearings on all models, make ReefWave a nearly silent pulsing wave pump.

You can control each ReefWave pump locally through its own dedicated controller or remotely via the built-in Wi-Fi that connects easily to Red Sea’s ReefBeat app.

  • Cross-flow technology wave pump for a gentle, evenly distributed flow
  • Silent and energy efficient Sine-Wave DC control motor
  • 5 programmable wave patterns with unique Forward/Reverse/Alternating flow modes
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for maintenance
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi controller for each pump
  • Synchronize multiple pumps of different sizes
  • ReefBeat App for easy set-up, operation, monitoring and notifications

ReefWave 25 specifications

  • Recommended Aquarium Size : 45 - 120cm or 1,5 - 4ft
  • Maximum Glass Thickness : 15mm or 5/8 inch
  • Power consumption : 4 - 25 watts
  • True Maximum flow rate : 15000LPH or 3960GPH
  • Cable Length : 3m or 10ft
  • Internal size : 23 x 4 cm or 9 x 1,6 inch
  • External size : 7cm or 2,8 inch
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