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Reef octopus biopellet reactor picture

Biopellet Reactor is an in-sump reactor designed for hobbyists. It helps to accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria, and helps to ensure water c…

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Odyssea t5 light unit picture

High-Output T5 fittings for marine & tropical aquariums. Bulbs included.
Marine units have a 50/50 split of white/blue. 

Plant units have a 50…

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Odyssea ea-series led picture

Odyssea Tropical / Planted tank LED units

Hailea hs chillers picture

Hailea chillers are reliable, quiet, and economical water cooling units that are suitable for indoor aquarium water temperature control. 

  • Strong …
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Teco chillers picture

TECO chiller units are efficient and reliable instruments
for maintaining a constant water temperature
in your aquarium with groundbreaking integrated

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Al hydra led - aqua illumination picture

More LED's - More Power - More Colour - More Refined

With over 20% more LED's than the original Hydra's. Vibrance is improved with deeper blues and br…

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Ai prime 16hd reef led - aqua illumination picture

The Prime 16 HD Series is capable of producing a limitless number of spectral combinations to fit your tank’s exacting needs.

All AI devices include s…

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Aqua illumination single hanging kit picture

The Aqua illumination Hanging Kit is an elegant way to suspend your light above your tank. The unique ball joint makes it a snap to tilt and turn you…

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Aqua illumination flexi arm picture

A silicone-coated flex arm makes for an attractive and sturdy solution for mounting your AI LED unit. The most flexible mount for a rimmed or rimless…

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Caribsea dry aragonite substrate picture

Aragonite Substrates - Recognized globally for their purity and precision. Our substrates are purposely engineered and free of impurities such as ash…

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Seachem pearl beach aragonite substrate picture

Pearl Beach™ is an all natural aragonite substrate for all types of marine, reef and tropical aquaria. Its chemical composition will assist in stabil…

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