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Green algae ocean nutrition picture

  • Optimal food source for all species of marine Tangs, Angels, Wrasses and some Butterfly fish.
  • Green Marine Algae is a nutritious supplement for all gr…

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Safe seachem picture

  • Removes chlorine, chloramine, and ammonia
  • Detoxifies nitrite and nitrate
  • Highly concentrated
  • Marine and freshwater

Focus 5g seachem picture

  • Antibacterial polymer for internal infections of fish
  • Use alone or mixed with other medications to make them palatable to fish and greatly reduce the …

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Kanaplex 5g seachem picture

  • Broad Spectrum Antibiotic
  • Treats fungal and bacterial fish diseases
  • Easily absorbed through both skin and gills; ingestion not required

Metroplex 5g seachem picture

  • Treats protozoan (parasites) and anaerobic (bacterial) diseases
  • Little danger of overdose
  • No impact on bio-filter
  • Well suited for medicated food mix for…

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Seachem tidal picture

Aquarium Size Rating

Tidal 55 is rated up to 200 Liter aquarium

Tidal 75 is rated up to 300 Liter aquarium

Tidal 110 is rated up to 400 Liter aquarium


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Reef glue picture

  • Mount coral frags and colonies to reef rock and plugs
  • Bonds within seconds even underwater
  • New formula is 17x thicker allowing for more control and les…

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Reef octopus classis in-sump protein skimmers picture

  • Superior In-sump performance
  • Aquatrance pumps specifically made for protein skimmers
  • Easy maintenance
  • Precision Water Level Control Output Valve
  • Quiet op…

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Reeftek in-sump protein skimmer picture

Most cost-effective skimmer in the Reef Octopus range.

1 x AQ-1000S
110mm Chamber
300L Rating

Classic reef octopus s series protein skimmer straight body picture

The NEW sleek and compact Reef Octopus Classic S Series In-Sump Protein Skimmers featuring a small footprint is ideal for aquariums with limited…

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Reef octopus hang on skimmer picture

Reef Octopus Hang-On Back Classic skimmers are a proverbial favourite. With its unique design, the pump is mounted externally and under the actual sk…

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Reef octopus calcium reactor picture

Quality, design and affordability define the Reef Octopus Classic Calcium Reactor series. Available in 2 different models that feature reverse flow w…

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